Melon Optics – Alleycat Riding Glasses Promo

Real talk, 95% of videos, reviews, or any other form of MTB content is trying to sell you something on the low. I like that Melon Optics went with a good ol’ fashioned lighthearted commercial to promote their Alleycat glasses instead of trying to disguise it as something else.

Etnies X Rad Collection

Etnies has been teasing us with their RAD collaboration for a couple months now, but today is the day that it’s finally available! Get at it while you can from your preferred Etnies retailer or directly their web store.

Pumped BMX Flow Out Now

The latest game in the Pumped BMX series is out now and ready to have you glued to your phone! That is if your phone is an iPhone; you android people are just going to have to wait.

Vans Slip-On Pro BMX Shoes

Vans teamed up with Dak to create a slip-on that’s truly meant to be ridden in. And yes, plenty of people have been riding in Vans slip-ons forever, but the addition of their Wafflecup BMX sole should make these a lot more supportive and suited for riders’ feet.

The Wheel Mill “Woods Slayer” Frame

Our friends over The Wheel Mill have teamed up with John Corts to do a limited edition run of 30 “Woods Slayer” frames. The geometry is pretty classic with a 74.5° head tube, 71° seat tube, 13.6″ rear end, 9″ standover, 11.625″ bottom bracket height, and top tube lengths of 20.75″, 21″, 21.25″, or 21.5″.… Continue reading The Wheel Mill “Woods Slayer” Frame

Fairdale’s Hareraiser DJ Prototype

We’re starting to see more and more photos floating around social media of the dirt jumper that Fairdale has in the works. No details, specs, or release date just yet, but what we do know about the aptly dubbed “Hareraiser” is that the prototypes have been getting proper shakedowns courtesy of Jim Bauer and Mike… Continue reading Fairdale’s Hareraiser DJ Prototype

Etnies Brandon Semenuk Signature Pro Model Shoes

Looks like Etnies has gone back to the drawing board with Brandon Semenuk’s signature shoe for 2021. While this sneak peek that showed up on their IG the other day does have similar design cues to his previous signature Jameson Mid Crank, there are some definite differences. The one that stands out the most is… Continue reading Etnies Brandon Semenuk Signature Pro Model Shoes